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A deep catalogue of health checks to choose from to ensure early detection and prevention of ailments.

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Preventive care

Condition management

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Manage your chronic conditions with health screening packages that focus on your specific health requirements.

Only the medical centres that you trust and rely on completely are the ones that feature on the MediBuddy network.

MediBuddy App provides a single stop for all your Digital Healthcare needs.

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Digital Health Care

The App provides access to services like Online Doctor Consultation, Medicine Delivery, and Home Lab Tests to ensure well being of all users.


It is very easy and saves time, their team member from the lab came and picked up the sample from my home, and I got the lab report online too. It’s so convenient. No waiting for an appointment, no travelling. It was super easy.

Shradha sinha



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I trust my health with MediBuddy, My experience has been really great with them. Such professionalism, good quality care, I would definitely recommend it to my friends..

Yukti Chawla


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My gynecologist had advised me to take a thyroid test long ago, but with my busy schedule, I was unable to do the same. Thanks to MediBuddy, I booked a test at my comfort, and honestly, the service is so good. I was impressed.

Nila Pandit


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Tests Include
  • Kidney Function Test (Basic) - 6 Tests
  • Complete Urine Routine Analysis (CUE) - 20 Tests
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) - 25 Tests
  • Glucose Fasting and Others-9 Tests
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₹1999  ₹699 


worth Rs. 499

Free Doctor Consultation

Home Sample Collection

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◉ DocsApp is working fine for me, why do I need to install MediBuddy?


DocsApp will be completely merged into MediBuddy and will soon shutdown. MediBuddy offers bigger and better services than ever before. To highlight a few benefits, we now have a larger online doctors network, provide offline appointment bookings for over 15000+ leading doctors from top hospitals in the major cities, offer at-home lab tests & medicine delivery, surgery care, pre-policy health check for insurance & so much more. MediBuddy is a bigger & better version of DocsApp. Hence, we strongly urge you to download the MediBuddy app for a better healthcare experience.

◉ Can I use both DocsApp and MediBuddy apps?

We will deactivate DocsApp soon because we want MediBuddy to be your go-to platform for end-to-end healthcare services. We will also ensure that all of your health data, wallet amount, and subscription (if any) are migrated to MediBuddy. As a result, we urge you to begin using MediBuddy right away.

“The transition is a significant step as it entails that DocsApp subscribers gain additional, accessible and holistic health care benefits on a single platform and features of MediBuddy Gold. We’re very glad to be onboarding some of our most valued DocsApp customers onto the new MediBuddy  platform. Our advanced technology and extensive network goes a long way in helping us cover a larger portion of the population in terms of quality healthcare solutions.”

Mr. Satish Kannan

Co-Founder & CEO, MediBuddy & DocsApp



Largest Network

For any other information Please call us at +91 9999991555

◉ What will happen to my patient history/ health records in DocsApp?

Your patient history and health records will be successfully transferred to MediBuddy. Please, however, use the same login ID as DocsApp when logging into MediBuddy.

◉ I already had DocsApp gold, do I need to pay for MediBuddy Gold now?

You don’t need to buy a subscription of MediBuddy Gold as your DocsApp Gold subscription will be converted to MediBuddy Gold with the same Validity. However, after expiration you will need to pay for the Renewal of MediBuddy Gold subscription.

◉ What will happen to my wallet balance on DocsApp?

Your Wallet amount from DocsApp will be completely migrated to the MediBuddy app upon successful login.

◉ How do I login in the MediBuddy app using my docsApp credentials?

Your DocsApp credentials are already validated on the MediBuddy. Hence, all you need to do is to use the same credentials to login to the MediBuddy App. Upon login, all your previous health history, medical records, wallet amount from DocsApp will start reflecting on your MediBuddy account.